The Holy Land has deserts as well as forests and fields. And every new step you take in this land is an actual mitzvah, bringing you to a closer connection.

Life is also full of deserts. You might not have chosen to pass through one or want to be there. And when you look around all you see is emptiness with no way out. But deserts can bring you closer.

Sit in the silence, even just for one moment. Sometimes being on our own with no end in sight is the best way to remember that we have never been truly alone.

The above words were actually written over a year ago, a short while before I started learning about Human Design and the concept of Waiting to Respond.

I remember sitting on my couch at the end of a long day, feeling like I’d done everything I could to move forward on a particular project, and there was nothing left to do but wait for the next step to happen from outside of me.

Waiting is not something I particularly enjoy, especially when I’m buzzing with energy to achieve something. And it’s a struggle I’ve encountered many times in my life.

But that night, as I sat in the stillness of the moment, I started to get a sense of how it’s all part of the same thing, the waiting and the doing. How both work off of each other in rhythm and you can’t have one without the other.

And there’s no point really, in fighting the waiting. What if you accepted it, surrendered to it, and sunk into it like a couch… holding the full trust that this wasn’t the end-game, and that this resting period is actually what triggers your next wave of action?

It was like a new seed of awareness had been dropped into me and was slowly starting to germinate.

A few months after this, I heard about Human Design. I found out I had the energy type of a Manifesting Generator with the in-built theme of experiencing strong creative power that can only be properly realized when used in response to a stimulus from the outside world.

Maybe life is like a piece of music or a novel where foreshadowing hints at what’s to come, preparing and intriguing you, its meaning only fully absorbed in retrospect.