The 5 Year Time Capsule is a one-time reflective experience that gets you looking outside the window and taking in the breathtaking view of this precise moment.

With this free download you'll transform a seemingly random point in time (though nothing is really random, is it?) into a

the 5 Year time capsule

You're working hard & going places - but don't forget to enjoy the ride!


completely unexpected-yet-supremely-meaningful gift for your future self.

meaningful gift for your future self.

Prep time: 10-15 minutes + 5 years.

Create yours today!

"Ok, what is this thing exactly?"

It comes as a fillable PDF so you can type straight onto it from your electronic device.

Or, you can be whimsically traditional and print it out. On paper. Like in the old country.

The 5 Year Time Capsule is a snappy little form that asks you some fun and thought-provoking questions about your life right now.

Or, you can be whimsically traditional and print it out. 

On paper.

Like in the old country.

The page takes about 10-15 minutes to fill in. Choose to be serious or playful with your answers - it's entirely up to you!

However you approach it, the Time Capsule provides you with a refreshing break from your daily hustle and the chance to truly appreciate where you are right now in your journey.

And what's more, through recording what life is like for you today, you transform the present moment into a unique keepsake for your future self to discover!

It's easy!

Set up a calendar event and attach your Time Capsule (I'll show you how)...

Spend the next 5 years pursuing your dreams and living your best life...

...then, when you least expect it, receive a blast from the past from 5-Years-Younger-You!




When you sign up, you'll be added to my weekly "Musings & Memos" emails that I hope you'll enjoy. 

grab yours today!

And it's totally free!

It’s the introspection session you never knew you needed…

The quirky gift for the future self who has everything…

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

The 5 Year Time Capsule literally turns the present 
into a present!!!

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